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The problem of hair loss affects more and more people. An unhealthy lifestyle, vitamin deficiencies, the active form of testosterone DHT, stress are just some of the causes of weakening hair. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, you can stop it quickly! In the following ranking, we will try to elaborate and all-natural formulas that fuel the follicles to grow, but additionally strengthen the hair. In addition, the problem of hair loss after using this formula is minimized. The risk of allergies, possible irritation and side effects, which most often occur when using numerous preparations.


Profolan is currently a total number one on the list of preparations that have properties preventing hair loss, strengthening and helping to maintain natural-looking complexion. It owes its popularity to its effective action based on Grow 3 formula. Thanks to the combination of field horsetail, nettle and l - cysteine, selected in appropriate proportions, with clinically proven effectiveness, it guarantees results already after 3 months of regular use. . Profolan is indicated both for people who have been losing their hair for some time and for those who have just recently started dealing with the problem. The substances work from the inside, eliminating the harmful effect of testosterone on hair growth, strengthening the bulbs from the inside and stimulating them to hair growth. You don't have to fight baldness - a safe and effective solution is at your fingertips!

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Revita is a shampoo containing the above mentioned Grow 3 formula, which guarantees effective action against baldness. DHT inhibitors contained in it allow to inhibit nourishing the hair, as well as stop hair loss and significantly improve the condition, while stimulating hair bulbs to grow. This preparation is characterized by considerable effectiveness due to its topical application. This method of application is able to eliminate the problem of hair loss, acting from the inside. It should also be emphasized that this product was developed based on natural ingredients only. Therefore, it is safe and does not cause irritation to the scalp. The termination of the treatment allows for the recurrence of baldness. Are you looking for a preparation that will reduce hair loss and maintain its color for a long time - Revita is for you!

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Sestral.RS is a preparation, which worked well for many people affected by telogenic alopecia. It comes in the form of a spray, which is perfectly distributed over the head. In its composition you can find active substances such as copper peptides, herbal extracts, aminexil, retinol, vitamins and minerals, which thanks to nanosomic technology are directed to the deep layers of the skin. The effect of the preparation lasts up to 15 hours. By washing your hair every day, you can be sure that the nourishment of your hair will occur. You no longer have to struggle with thinning hair! Fight for thick and beautiful hair with this handy spray!

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Baldness really affects a lot of men. So the moment my hair loss started, I broke down. A few years later, when I had very little hair left, I decided that I had to take action. Thanks to Profolan it was possible to make my hair thicker.


I am a really young boy and I am already starting to have problems with baldness. Profolan is a product that was recommended to me by a dermatologist. I have been using it for 5 months now and I can sincerely recommend its use to others. My hair has stopped falling out, it has become shiny and thicker than before.


I always felt that after turning 40 you can't have beautiful hair anymore, especially when your job causes a lot of stress. I was recommended Profolan, which works perfectly. Two months after starting the treatment, my hair does not fall out and has a beautiful color.

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Hair loss and how to prevent it.
Hair loss - a cause of ill health for many men. Hair loss scratches the ego and for many is the most visible sign of the inevitable aging process. About half of men over the age of 20 must expect to lose their hair. Clever sales strategists exploit this need and market a questionable hair restoration remedy. But which hair loss remedy really works? These are the best methods and ingredients for hair growth in men.

Basically, losing about 100 hairs a day is no reason to panic. If this number is exceeded for a long time, it is said to be pathological hair loss in medicine. To find the best hair restorer for your scalp, you need to realize the cause of your hair loss. Tests and studies show that these three forms of hair loss are most common in men:

Genetically caused hair loss:
At 95 percent genetic, hair loss - or androgenetic alopecia in technical jargon - is probably the most common cause of hair loss in men. The male sex hormone testosterone (more specifically: its breakdown product dihydrotestosterone) shortens the hair's growth phase until it dies. Circular alopecia: So-called alopecia areata occurs much faster and causes round holes in the hair. Here, however, the hair follicles do not die, their growth is merely stopped. The good news: some hair starts to grow back even without therapy. Diffuse hair loss: Here the hair thins all over the head - there is no curve. Regardless of age or hormones, health is the cause of diffuse hair loss. Lack of protein or other trace elements can lead to hair root deficiency in the long run: iron and zinc deficiencies are the most common causes here.

By comparison, different hair regenerators work in different ways - some better, others worse. With most active ingredients, live but weak or even inactive hair follicles should be strengthened or reactivated. In the case of active ingredients such as finasteride or alfatradiol, the enzyme is 5-alpha reductase. blocks that can work to prevent system-induced hair loss.

Ranking of pills for baldness :
. Medical hair tinctures with the active ingredient minoxidil (over-the-counter) and the prescription formulation Propecia are among the most potent hair restorers. All shampoos, foams, and caffeine treatments apply: the earlier the treatment, the better. Once the follicle is dead, there is no turning back.

Minoxidil hair tonic is suitable for androgenic hair loss with limitations, because the effect usually does not meet expectations and hair loss continues immediately after stopping the remedy. Too little data are available on long-term use and its associated risks.

Estrogen hair tonic is said to stimulate hair growth. However, it has not yet been sufficiently proven whether it actually works, so the funds are not very suitable.

A proven cure for hair loss, for example, is the Ell-Cranell therapy, which uses the active ingredient alfatradiol to combat hormonally inherited hair loss. Alfatradiol combats the cause locally on the scalp and reduces the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which damages hair follicles.

. The effect is particularly convincing against the process of hair loss. To restore hair, active ingredients such as minoxidil are more suitable. You apply the over-the-counter medicine once a day.

Hair conditioners for men are now available in all shapes and textures. You would think that products in the cosmetic world would sprout faster than our scalp hair. If you prefer mousse to conventional treatment, you should use Regain mousse.

The active ingredient minoxidil effectively inhibits hair loss and stimulates new growth. Remember: no hair regenerator can work miracles, but in case of hereditary alopecia, the right product can counteract severe hair loss.

Daily life is often stressful enough, so why add an extra product to our hair care routine? The shampoo from Vichy is quick, practical and good, which promises a 2-in-1 effect. With a daily shower you declare war on hair loss, the hair conditioner can be used like a conventional shampoo. Even if the shampoo with the active ingredient Aminexil only works as a preventive measure, we are big fans.

Prescription hair loss pills.

. In men, the active ingredient finasteride, which is also used in higher doses for prostate problems, can at least partially slow the progression of genetically induced baldness. However, hair loss starts again after discontinuation. After about a year, the number of hairs falls below the level at the beginning of the treatment. The possible long-term consequences of long-term use of finasteride are currently under discussion, its long-term tolerability - especially in young and healthy men - has not been finally clarified. The preparation is therefore suitable only with limitations.

Combination preparations of glucocorticoid + other substances are not very suitable for hair loss in women, because the therapeutic efficacy of these combinations has not been sufficiently proven.

Hair growth supplements:
. Below we show which vitamins and minerals are particularly important for our hair and which products you can find them in.

Biotin is also known as the "beauty vitamin". Because biotin contributes to the maintenance of the hair, as well as the maintenance of the skin. It belongs to the B vitamins (biotin is sometimes also referred to as vitamin B7) and is therefore part of the B vitamin complex. Supports the formation of creatine. Creatine is the primary substance of hair, but as a structural protein it is also found in skin and nails.

Zinc is one of the most important trace elements necessary for the human body and must be taken with food. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of hair, nails and skin by supporting protein synthesis, collagen formation and cell growth and is an important antioxidant.

Selenium also helps maintain hair and nails and helps protect cells from oxidative stress. The recommended intake for male teens (age 15 and older) and adults is 70 µg per day. For female teens and adults, the value is 60 µg per day.

Copper is an important trace element and has important functions in the body related to the maintenance of connective tissue, as well as energy metabolism and the nervous system. In addition, copper contributes to the normal pigmentation of hair, thus helping to maintain hair color. The adequate intake for adults is 1.0 to 1.5 copper per day.

These foods contain particularly high amounts of important vitamins and minerals:

Biotin occurs naturally in many foods, although mostly in small amounts. Good suppliers are eggs, nuts, oatmeal and soybeans, but also liver, yeast and wheat germ.
Zinc is found primarily in foods of animal origin, such as beef, pork and poultry, as well as milk and cheese. Whole grain products are also good sources of zinc.
Selenium is found in foods of animal and plant origin. The content is particularly high in meat, fish, nuts and mushrooms.
Copper is especially found in offal, meat and fish, as well as cereals, legumes and nuts.
Meat and fish, eggs and dairy products as well as cereals, legumes, mushrooms and nuts are therefore important sources of these important micronutrients. In addition, dietary supplements containing biotin, zinc, selenium or copper, or combination products that are specifically designed to provide hair with the nutrients, can help to provide targeted supplementation to an individual's diet and thus ensure an adequate supply of nutrients.

This is of particular interest to people who follow a vegan diet and thus forgo all animal-based foods, which are a good source of nutrients for many important nutrients.

Drinking enough water is also important. Because not only the skin but also the hair benefits from sufficient fluid supply to the body. Apart from keratin protein, lipids and melanin pigment, they consist of 10 to 15 percent water. Each of us should drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day. Still water, mineral water and herbal and fruit teas are suitable.

Hair loss can have various causes such as B. genetic predisposition, diseases, mineral deficiency. Diffuse hair loss is often a normal symptom of old age and not a disease. Hair growth is also affected by metabolic processes that slow down with age. Often hair will only fall out for a period of time if there are very drastic changes in life (illness, pregnancy, stress-inducing events such as career change, death). Iron deficiency (anemia) can also cause temporary hair loss. Once the deficiency is corrected, hair loss will improve again.

Medications can also cause hair loss. These include primarily medications for cancer or rheumatism, as well as fibrates (for high blood lipids), beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors (for hypertension), lithium (for depression), heparin and fenprocoumon (both for increased risk of thrombosis), HIV medications, antiepileptics, and vitamin A (in multivitamin preparations).

Smoking also seems to have a negative effect on the feeling of fullness in the hair. The microcirculation in the skin deteriorates, which means that the hair follicles are no longer supplied with nutrients. Hair can turn gray faster and fall out more often, especially in men.

The cause of circular hair loss has not yet been definitively explained. A disruption of the body's own defense system is suspected, in which the body directs its immune defenses against its own cells, the hair follicles. If the hairless areas of your scalp appear thicker or more irregular than usual, it may be a case of scarring alopecia. You should explain this to your doctor.

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